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Lakers' Bryant unhappy record so Fei Xia : home ballpark want to kill

Mar 14, 2014 at 9:27 AM
This is not a shocking news : Kobe Bryant of the 2013-14 season to end because of injury claims . Local time on March 12 , the Lakers and Kobe Bryant official (microblogging ) I have issued a formal statement , Bryant's first 18 NBA ( microblogging ) season appearances stay in six games . 76 absences war , which is naturally Bryant played the fewest of the season , before he missed the most was the 2003-04 season , when he missed 17 field goals . For Bryant , it is indeed worth a year to forget . He played in six games , three games scoring only 10 games, averaging 13.8 points is the lowest since his rookie season . cheap nike air max uk Too few appearances this season , Bryant seriously slowed the pace to catch up with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , he still lags behind the current "sky hook" 6688 points if the rest of his career, averaged 20 points , also need to 2018-19 season in order to become NBA history in scoring. These figures certainly awkward , but the most sad Bryant , or the performance of his team is really cheap nike air max uk bad.

Bryant farewell to this day , the Lakers record is 22 wins and 42 losses, the western nike air max 1 uk sale penultimate , penultimate league 6 . This will be the first time since the Lakers missed the playoffs in 2005 , the worst record of 34.4% if the winning end of the current season , they will create after the team moved to Los Angeles . In announcing farewell news conference of the season , Bryant made ​​no secret of the Lakers score dissatisfaction , "Every time I go home ballpark , my feeling is that I want to kill my soon to be really crazy , I at every critical point , I feel ashamed , shame is more strongly felt than everyone the team . team in the history of the past, we are only playing for the championship , and anything else a failure when I came here, Jerry ( West ) told me to say that , so what I think . " before rumors that Bryant had management expressed dissatisfaction Dante Ni , the press conference , he also made ​​no secret of Phil Jackson 's Lakers missed sorry , " I find it difficult to understand how such a thing would happen twice ." so, what will happen next season ? Bryant said : . " If I said I would return to my peak , surely someone will say I'm crazy, but it would be so ," Lakers trainer Gary Vitti said: . " He needs now is the time he had the whole offseason to recover and be ready at the start of next season , he will return to one hundred nike air max 1 uk sale percent . "