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WLK have to wait, do not get our hands on an official document of approval

Oct 22, 2015 at 4:26 AM
NetEase: WLK have to wait, do not get our hands on an official document of approval - Runescape News

long-awaited, national costume players for nearly two years after the wait, finally see the light scattered clouds keep too: Netease version of 'Runescape' expansion pack 'Wrath' was July 23 by the Press and Publication Administration approval. Netease CEO Ding Lei 'in August on-line' commitment for many wistfully national costume players relieved. Also remove the burden, as well as the NetEase itself. Since April 2009, Netease backs against the wall, from the ninth city Computer Technology Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'NINE') to wrest its revenue contribution rate of 90% of the 'Runescape' agency, on has been blocked in the approval of numerous, can not be the official carrier of the state. Warcraft stop taking two months, Netease loss of more than 200 million yuan. WLK is expected to ChinaJoy on the line? Netease need to wait for a formal announcement, said the lich king ascended the throne, Netease described as the rain comes. However, 'Wrath' was approval authority 'modify' after the availability of the player's recognition and favor? Can no previous operating experience Netease Warcraft meet the service demands of players? These are debatable. Perhaps, Netease's 'Last Stand' has only just begun. Stop taking more than 50 days loss of 200 million yuan after two months of waiting, Netease finally looked forward to the good news. Recently the staff of Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau of Technology and Digital Publishing Division, told Die Zeit reporter: Wrath of the Lich King ',' NetEase 'was July 23 by the Press and Publication Administration granted approval by the on-line operations, and inform the NetEase . 'Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau in its official website has also made the announcement. Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau confirmed WLK through the approval, however, Netease South China Market Weekly Times reporter Lu Hui to reply but do not have means:. 'NetEase has not yet received formal approval by the relevant departments to file notification upon receipt of the relevant approval documents, After and operational readiness, Netease will be the first time open to the players, 'Wrath', 'Lu Hui added:.' Everything message to inform the relevant government departments and Netease notice shall prevail. '