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Barcelona played bad? Pique hit back question: Real Madrid 5 2 crown only

Dec 2, 2015 at 7:48 AM
Pique innuendo Real Madrid Tencent sports news La Liga Article 12, Barcelona 1-0 victory over Espanyol, continue to lead the Primera Liga list, but the FIFA 16 game Barcelona somewhat conservative style of play still suffering from the media questioned, according to 'Aspen Daily' news, in an interview with Barcelona official television interview, saying the media scoff Pique, but Barca defender has come up with Real Madrid 5 2 crown only have to say to, for example, which makes Galacticos innocent lie gun. For the questioning voice of the media, Pique very dissatisfied, he said, 'Barcelona is always being asked, and this is because we are a great club. I admit that the ultimate team played well, but we play every three days to a FIFA 16 games, which makes us tired. The most important thing is winning the FIFA 16 game, our style of play is more practical now. Taking into account the intensive schedule of Barcelona, we have achieved is not bad, we use affordable way to win the Super Bowl, the winner is now the most important thing. 'To prove his claim persuasive, Pique also come up with Real Madrid as an example,' Our new coach just coach soon, and now we can not give much thought to the system, win Ball is the primary target, followed by the pursuit of playing beautiful. If we compare Guardiola and Barcelona, which will no doubt hurt the ultimate team. I, for example, like Real Madrid, like if we just get one in 5 years Champions League and Super Cup, then how the media will criticize us? 'Pique ridicule Real Madrid involved in, although it is unclear is intentional or unintentional, but 5 years 2 crown argument or severely poked Real Madrid fans scars.