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Moyes was hit served: Liverpool Manchester United stronger than we tried

Jan 5, 2016 at 5:53 AM
Moyes frank Phoenix Sports News Liverpool perform better after a humiliating 0-3 loss to Liverpool, Manchester United manager David Moyes Liverpool candid interview after the game performance is indeed better. Despite the very bad performance of the ultimate team now, but David Moyes will be represented as a fight to the last Champions League qualification. Manchester United this game was fined three penalties, including Steven Gerrard penalty in two, it is precisely these two penalty broke the deadlock, and directly from the Manchester United suffered a defeat. Turning to this, Moyes said: 'How to evaluate these penalty of the game is very difficult, and some penalty is correct, some are wrong for us today is a very difficult day at halftime us. Since sentenced to a penalty and backward, but I thought it was no big deal. But opening the second half only 20 seconds and was fined a penalty, the game becomes very difficult. 'For Liverpool's performance, Moyes is is convinced, but for a few penalty penalty, Moyes is also very critical, he said:. 'Yes, they performed better than we get penalty time for them to be beneficial, however, frankly said that several cases the penalty, sometimes contracting, sometimes may not sentenced, but tonight they got them all. I'd better not talk about them, it was the FA thing, I Only hope they can make the right penalty only 'for the ultimate team's performance, Moyes said:' I think the FIFA 16 players tried, but Liverpool perform better, the two sides have no chance in the first half, but the penalty has become turning point, which makes them took advantage of 'and also for the ultimate team can enter the top four, Moyes said:.' We will fight to the end and see what happens in the end, may be very difficult, but we'll see What we can do. '